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My name is Bryan Quarrie, and I am the founder of BQ Counterpoint Films.

I started out in videography as a hobby in 2008, creating collages of everyday life situations like city life, night life etc using a small Panasonic SD9 camcorder - One of the company's very first consumer High Definition camcorders.  I was inspired to get into this line of work while studying a Music Technology degree at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

About two years later (2010) I filmed my first event - Camp Hill Young Hope Children's Choir - A small concert that took place in a large house in the countryside.  This event was a culmination of the choir's 3rd anniversary.  Though it was experimental, it became successful, and I ended up recording a similar event three years later. At that time, I took on the name The Counterpoint, which reflected a convergence between the audio and video recordings that I started out doing.

As the years went on, I invested in more professional equipment, and also filmed more diverse events such as weddings, funerals and corporate videos.  Various clients include The Prince's Trust, The internationally-acclaimed Hampstead Adventist Choral Society (including HACS Millennium Chamber Orchestra, London), Camp Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Birmingham) and many others. The Counterpoint, then became BQ Videography, and then a few years later has become what is now called BQ Counterpoint Films.

On a typical assignment I normally use up to 3 camcorders, but by special arrangement I can use up to 8.  I would use these cameras for recording concerts and other large events where optimum coverage is important.

What makes my brand distinctive is I use small camcorders (handycams) as my "main" camera(s), and smaller "action cams" as peripheral cameras for extra angles.  This is ideal for both small / cramped venues and large ones too.  It also enables me to film in a non-obtrusive and discreet fashion.  I also have lighting equipment, tripods, monopod and professional audio recorders at my disposal.  The cameras also record up to 4K resolution, and the end product can be an HD (1080p and 720p) MP4 file or as a multi-region DVD for relatives living abroad who can't make it to the event (i.e. funerals and weddings etc.).

For enquiries/quotes contact myself on 07976737479, or go to the "Contact" page and send a message.

I also have a YouTube and Facebook page which are connected to the relevant icons at the top of each page on this website.

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